camp pluckyfluff + rhinebeck + live at the etsy labs!

oh golly, i did it again.

fell off the face of the internet.

4 days since i last tweeted!

almost 2-3 weeks since my last blog!

what happened to me?


welllllllll first, i went to camp


! a crazy art yarn spin camp that also had an awesome batt workshop with




lexi, aka pluckyfluff, demos art yarn techniques in upstate NY!


one of the yarns i spun at camp! this one i called "pink moon" and it uses the translucent mohair technique! :)



studio is INCREDIBLE! talk about an inspiring workspace!! squeeeee & mmm!


steph, aka loop, cranking batts in her beeeeeautiful studio space!

then i went to rhinebeck aka new york sheep and wool festival where i bought a fleece and hung out with joyce & steph (loop) and laura (indigonightowl)!


me, hugging my cormo/rambo cross fleece that i scooped up at the fest!

i will have dyed locks of this yum fleece for sale soon!

then! if a crazy fiber filled weekend wasn't awesome enough, when i returned julie (


) invited me to come spin LIVE at the etsylabs on the 26th! i did a virtual lab demonstration as well as a live show of my spinning talents!


what it looked like to viewers of the virtual labs! chat + video + classroom :)

don't worry if you missed it, because most recently, my dad gifted me a brand new mac computer! so now i have webcam capabilities and will be able to start documenting new techniques that i will be experimenting with.


me, spinning at the etsylabs!


fiber batt clubs

(already shipped!) and

novelty art yarn clubs

(shipping this week!) have really been rolling! i have 3 members for each currently, and my limit is 5- so if you were hankering for a fiber fixxx, sign up before the spots are all filled!!


one lucky novelty art yarn clubber will be getting the yarn i spun during the etsy labs demonstration! shown above

i have sooooo many new things to list and photograph... a slew of new yarns 10-20, almost 4lbs of washed, dyed cormo/rambo fleece, as well as merino/targhee locks, and i will be making new gift sets with needles and holiday yarns!

wooo. i really need an extra set of hands!

if you want to see more pictures from the awesome woolventure i've been having- please check out my

flickr photostream


xoxo! laila