we're spinning gold!

must be the season: the color palette of rich fields of wheat and hazy sunshine, and fresh baked apple pies.  golden slumbers fill your eyes.


my best buddy rachel-marie of

knittydirtygirl's handmade plaque (i just love the warmth in this photo- above)


my inspiration binder (above) and


's june catalog (below)


i love these adorable bunting flags and the storefront from

textileID blog

! (below)


my hand-crocheted

talisman neckwarmer

modeled by my good pal kate! (below)


i have stacks of magazine and a bunch of folders created on my computer all dedicated to inspirations. i have yarn inspirations, and apartment dreams, and display ideas... so many folders, and so many ideas.  i decided to share a look into what tickles my fancy.

i hope you enjoyed my golden textured picks!

xo, laila