interviewed by mireio!

hello my dears!

over on the ravelry boards we had a bit of a scare since registration for camp pluckyfluff NY was low, so there was a chance it was going to get canceled. now, i have been soooo excited about this camp since i first heard about it over a year ago! pluckyfluff aka lexi boeger, author of intertwined, is every art yarn spinner's idol! so needless to say, i was miserable at the thought my chance was going down the drain. but woo, mood swing is over, since a few more spinners signed up and the class is going to happen!! (thank freaking goodness!!!!)

so back to our regularly scheduled updates!
i will be daily blogging again starting tomorrow (er, today?).

but until my next new content-filled post, you can check out my interview!
wende, of mireio, who does the "best of etsy" posts on twitter every wednesday at 1pm - recently mentioned my yarn on her blog. if that wasn't sweet enough, she followed it up by asking for a sneak peek into the life of rawfish (and she did a great job editing my writing too!).

so without further ado, go check out my interview! and be sure to take advantage of the DISCOUNT i'm offering on yarn also!  (p.s. the discount details are in the interview, haha)

xo, laila

p.s. i'm in the midst of writing a SECOND interview/essay and it would help me a great deal if you mentioned why you love SPINNING, HALLOWEEN, and/or FALL in the "love notes." thanks m'dears!! :D