fiber batt club! + new fall knits!

hello dearies!

saturday, i spent some much needed time with my dyepots! so now i have some fresh colors all whipped up to surprise my batt club members with next week! :D speaking of the batt


, i have TWO more spots open, so

grab a spot

while you can. right now, my max is only 5 members. i have 3 currently in the club. i signed on to etsy today to find out a clubber member, who's 3 month membership had just ended, had purchased another 3 months. isn't that so sweet?! i mean, talk about total verification of the hard work you put into things. :) she didn't even want to go one month without her rawfish batts, hehe! :D


also, the clubs are a great way to get your fiber batt fixx at a discounted rate. some fiberistas clubs cost the same per ounce as the "in-shop" batts.  my clubbers get ~ $1 off per oz. which adds up fast! :) plus, the clubs have member exclusive fibers & colors, and it is fun to follow along and talk with other clubbers about that month's treats on the

fiber club ravelry thread


anyway, tomorrow is the official first day of autumn!

are you excited for fall?  i really am!


i got ready for the chill by having a fun photoshoot with my gal pals yesterday! & listing FOUR

new wearables

today in the etsy shop! :D


i listed my universe freeform crochet purse, patchoulli tam hat, uliver tulliver's headdress and  a talisman cowl!  YAY!

hope you all are having an awesome MONDAY!

i'm off to etsylab's craft night tonight! we are making/sewing eco-bags tonight! :)

xo, laila