hello my blog darlings!

i started my wednesday with a big heap of SPINSPIRATION!

today i happened to stumble across an amazing interview with ana voog- for those of you not familiar with this amazing freeform crochet artist- you should definitely look her up & check out her




photograph & hat © ana voog

here's a little quote that really tickled me from the interview:

crochetlab: Is there a mythical animal/creature's fiber you'd          like to work with?

ana voog: fuzzybumblee [her spinning friend] asked          me this a few months ago. and i think my answer was...a sort of alpaca          type creature with silver fur that is as strong as steel, and keeps it's          shape like wire, but is as soft as angora. but part of it would be this          special silver alpaca would live on a planet where a certain plant would          grow that had pods on it that would stick into the alpaca's fur like burrs,          and if ever one of these pods would break open a little pleasant sound          would come out like a little "ooo" or "ahhh" or "purrr",          and so this would be part of the fiber because it would be an integral          part of the fur you could not remove. so that after you crocheted with          it and wore whatever it is you made with it, once in awhile one of these          pods would break open and give off a little happy sound.

to read the rest of the interview with crochetlab & ana voog click HERE

i just think ana would just be so much fun to hang out with! another spinner & freeformer that is definitely steeped in the sort of quirkiness i adore!! also, her hats are beyyyond fabulous.

hope the little snippet tickled your fiber bone too!

xox, laila