real life etsy pals: i got to meet up with evonnewee!! we toured NY


amazing string chair we saw in the windows on the streets of NYC!

and sampled some of her favorite places. so even though she was the visitor- it was really like i was getting the tour!


habu textiles amazing selection of super lovely itty bitty yarns!

she took me to some yarn shops + habu textiles which was filled with an amazing assortment of yarns and baby skeins and weavings hung from the walls. definitely lovely! we also checked out some ritzy home decor places in honor of her pending move & my just finished relocation.


habu textiles main floor spread of lil bins and bits!

lastly we checked out the cooper hewitt national design museum fashioning felt exhibit! what a great day end-er with evonne! we met up with lynn from etsy also- and got to see an amazing display of machine & hand-made felts!


fashioning felt exhibit- the dome shaped room inspired by temples

if you have the chance, definitely GO CHECK OUT THIS EXHIBIT! a nice man let us take piccies when we wooed him over by telling him how much we love fiber & that we work with it for a living.


detail of the fashioning felt temple room!

and to finish the week off- i'm a real new yorker now! yesterday i went to the DMV and got a NY license! however, i really just have a piece of paper that says i have a license- the real one comes in the mail in a few weeks!

speaking of mail- a great way to start the weekend... loop batts! can't wait to spin 'em up.

hearts hearts!