full head of ideas!

full head of ideas!

i have been swimming in a bout of creativity. i am feeling super thrilled about my shop, the new yarns i'm making, and my new projects! i started and finished my FIRST freefrom crochet project this month. :D i am estactic with the results! you have probably already seen my hat if you've been following me on twitter & flickr (and if you're not- friend me! then, you too, can know first!). but just for showing-off sake... here is my cthulu hat featuring some dear pals handspun yarns, like rachel-marie and serajah!


other ideas that are blossoming-

i mentioned a teaser about an upcoming giant collaborative project with ALL hand-spinners. my idea is to gather & collect submissions from as MANY hand-spinners as possible and then "curate" by spinning all the sections together into a super long yarn. once it has reached an impressive size (i have not decided on an end-date yet)- i will see about submitting it to galleries (specifically fiber art shows) to talk about the revitalization of handspinning and the companionship we have gained because of our interconnectivity (through the medium and the internets). when i asked about it last week- it seems like quite a few of you would be interested in participating.

if you would like participate:

1. please find or create a snippet of your OWN handspun yarn that is around 1 foot in length (smaller or longer will be accepted) & set the twist.

2. please label the yarn with your name, your biz name (if applicable), fiber contents, any other spinners or people involved (say if you got your fiber from another spinner) which would add to the interconnection mentioned above.

3.  mail to:


attn: yarncollective

708 stonegate blvd.

elkton, md 21921

if you have any questions at all about the project- please email me at:


or send me a conversation via etsy (



love love love!