dye dye dye

i needed to spice up my fiber stash. so even in my sweltering house- i turned on my stovetop & simmered up some new colors.


anyway, back to the dyes! i have fallen for this purple, yellow and hints of red/orange. and okay, i love purple. i use it always. but this purple is DIFFERENT, i swear! i made it by mixing a pinch of green with my purple so its more muted and gray purple and i love it. so this one is MINE! and im going to spin it up as soon as its dry. ive been going outside to test its dryness literally every 5 minutes- im so impatient for this one!!!

i've already picked out all my "extra" card/spin ins. like ribbons, glitz, mohair, novelty handspun snippets, silk noil in acid yellow. heres a picture of "my" spirit (comic book) lunchbox. (okay, its not mine, its my boyfriend's but it holds my hand carders perfectly and i use it for holding the "bits" for all my yarns in progress!)


yum yum yum! can't wait to show you all how it turns out!!!! :)