ive been seeing a lot of new fashions that are combining crocheted/knit elements with pieced clothing. i've found examples of this in both high profile commercial work as well as small indie etsy artists.

here are some of my favorite picks:


on etsy has lovely recycled clothes upgraded with simple crocheted elements.

i'm a huge fan! this shirt emphasizes the contrasting details.

the next shirt blends seamlessly from crochet to shirt and looks like it was always together. i enjoy both looks!

other places i've seen this new crochet trend is within commercial brands like this freepeople dress:

there is also this lux top sold at urbanoutfitters with a gorgeous racerback crochet detailing.

and i got the new alloy catalog in the mail. so i flipped through it and wouldn't you know- more crochet!!

i was already thinking about how to combine my knit/crocheting in with my clothing line... and this new trend is perfect!